Contributors has been online since 07/04/2000. Thanks to Thomas V for setting up the site initially back in fall 1999/spring 2000 and thanks to the many operators that helped us back then.

Through the years we have recieved a lot of valuable feedback and many ideas from operators all around the world.
We cannot thank you all by callsign and name so this is a thanks to all of you, who has helped us: THANK YOU.

Also thank you to the following for translating, testing, general work, administration, daily updates, checking my spelling and grammar and other important matters:
1DX015 Denis, 1LD001 Dario, 2AT494 Greg, 2AT017 Jim, 13DX015 Pete, 13DX028 Niko, 14RC092 Pat, 19AT477 Roger, 19AT515 Ron, 19AT615 Marcia, 19DX121 Mike (RIP - I often think of you) 19DX332 Bernard, 26AT224 Mike, 30DX117 Imanol, 30SD191 Titin, 47DX132 Carsten, 47DX052 Tom, 47DX246 Jacob, 161AT181 Maciej, Morten, Thomas V and Thomas B.

A thank you also goes to our Supevisor team, both old Supervisors and todays Supervisors:
13DX015, 47DX002, 26DX047, 19DX332, 2AT071, 43IR393, 14KW605, 2AT039, 1AT057, 14DX181, 30AT252

Thanks for taking responsibility, answering questions from other users, informing me when needed and having dialogue with me for various reasons.

Finally, a huge THANK YOU goes to 26DX047 Darran for running the site on an daily basis.

Do YOU want to help If yes, please contact administrator and let me know how you can contribute.

Guys, maybe you dont know it but your enthusiasm and support has helped me a lot.
Thanks friends.