Partners is happy to announce, that we are in partnership with the following:

Radio clubs:

Delta-Xray Radio Club
Delta-Xray is focusing at Professionalism. To our members this means, that we show professionalism on air, via mailinglists, at - yes, everywhere we go.
We do as big effort as possible to change the band "to a better band", and set new standards.
New members can optain membership after interview and dialogue with our Application Team. We are ready to co-operate with both clubs and individuals, to make a better band with interesting and united activations.

For contact to Delta-Xray Radio Club - please visit our site - or send an e-mail to 47DX088.

Lima Delta
Lima Delta is a group formed in 1991 and from the 1997 in charge of 1LD001, Mr. Dario.
LD is formed by 4 friends from North Italy and is now one of the most important groups in the World.
We believe in friendsship and is a group with about 620 members in 80 divisions. We often activate rare divisions, lately 249LD101 Tuatai, 250LD101, Mr. Victor and 174LD101, Mr. Jan., and more......
For membership, please contact Mr. Dario, 1LD001 (e-mail )
LD-WORLD H.Q. P.o.Box 28 - 25082 BOTTICINO S. - BS - ITALY
Official WEB

Radio Sugar
The RADIO SUGAR international DX Group was born in January of 2001.
To our Members we ask only: education, professionalism and friendship in Radio and in Internet. To all this a good baggage of experience must be added also.
The RADIO SUGAR tries to also collaborate with other Radio Groups, hoping to make to return the friendship of once in our lovely band.
We are prepared to create a committee with the HQs of the other Groups to try to unmask the a lot of fakes on the air.
Radio Sugar HQ


This idea was born when I was on expedition last year in west Malaysia ...Normaly my destination would be on Andamans and Nicobars Isl. but the transport between Thailande and Andamans and Nicobars Isl. was to expensive.
A couple of times each day, I did QSO with friends and we were often talking about CLIPPERTON club. This organisation helped making HAM DX expedition and we thinking why we didn't make the same organisation for eleven meters......
When I came back from my 1998 expedition , we had begun to talk with a few friends about this project , if it was possible to do something in that way.
We looked for help from some major radio equipment factories and ZX yagi, ICOM and after DX systeme radio have agreed to help us. We have solicited also GROUNDWAVE because it's the most popular and professional news paper for eleven DX expedition.
4 months after ELEVEN ELEVEN DXCC was born with the help from 3 official partners (ZX yagy , ICOM and GROUNDWAVE, DX systeme radio have joined "the official partner team", few months after like
We try to have more "professional" 11 meters band and we are on the good way with you .
If you need more information about our association , need any help to prepare an expedition or if you have any questions, please don t hesitate to contact me via snail mail or e -mail
Now on 01/2002 we are receive more like 140 help request from expedition team .and help more like 120 activity

Best regards from Laurent ELEVEN ELEVEN DXCC n 001

The DSS is the system in which we help the activators and the activators help us to reach the same goal: The realization of a Dx-Pedition from a most wanted country.

The Dx-Pedition Supporting System is not a radio club and never become: it is a SERVICE.

The DSS want to help some well known activators as 1AT960 Paolo, 1AT976 Luca and 1AT070 Simon and others in the PugliaIotaTeam to make some fantastic activations. Many of us are already supporters.
As in the HAM bands, also here it is necessary that the dx-ers helps each other to realize this kind of dreams.
Moreover the Dx-Pedition Supporting System grants you interesting facilities as example the direct envelopes from the country which the dx-pedition transmit.

Well known dx-ers and activators are involved in this service, simply immagine that in the year 2002 the DSS helped the dx-peditions to:

- Nauru Is. 271 division
- Cocos Is. 192 division
- Cambodia 238 division
- Singapore 98 division
- Hong Kong 60 division
- Macao 240 division
- Mount Athos 254 division

This only an explication form, if you want more informations or the full invitation for the System go to DSS.