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cluster.dk Lounge is for all those cluster.dk-users that supports cluster.dk, because cluster.dk support them.

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cluster.dk - for you.
cluster.dk is the worlds biggest 11-meter society, open for all - from all groups, from all parts of the world.

To have cluster.dk as an online system - open 24 hours a day is expensive and therefore we invite you to support cluster.dk with 18 Euro per year (= 1,50 Euro/month - when you pay in January) (18 Euro or 25 us$).
Join now, and support cluster.dk in this year. The support is only 18 Euro.

Support cluster.dk - cluster.dk supports you.
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Next year
When next year is "knocking at your door", we will remind you that it is time to support cluster.dk again.
This will be done via a mail to you in December. We then hope that you are willing to support cluster.dk again - for the next year.
Your cluster.dk support (Lounge membership) ends at 31/12.

Lounge services
There are - today - not promised any special services for Lounge-members.
However we have implemented a few services only for Lounge-members. These services uses extra CPU and bandwidth and are therefore only offered to those supporting the system financially.
if the Lounge will achive many members in the coming years we plan to make more special services just for Lounge-members.

Please - do not join the Lounge just to gain new services... Please join the Lounge because cluster.dk is supporting you - and you therefore will support cluster.dk :-)
Do not expect anything in return except faster mail-access to me.

This Lounge are for those members that supports cluster.dk by money, in order to have cluster.dk running on a continious basis.
Their names are listed to the right ===>

Thanks to all Lounge members, to secure that cluster.dk is alive :-)

cluster.dk Admin Team

How to become a cluster.dk-Lounge member:

1. Creditcard - internet
Pay with credit card via Internet:
You can pay the Lounge membership fee instantly - just click at the button below and fill out the form.
If you do not allready have a Paypal-account you can make one by clicking here.

If you allready have a Paypal account, simply just transfer the support (18 Euro or 25 us$) to the email address admin@cluster.dk.

Using Paypal is the fastest and most secure way to support cluster.dk.

Please notice that we handle received emails on a manual basis, most often every day. Even though we do have special attention to emails from Paypal, process time can be several days according to holidays, business trips, family arrangements etc.

2. Bank transfer
Transfer money direct to cluster.dk bank account. You need this information:
- Name: cluster.dk
- Account number: 5033 123661-7
- IBAN-code: DK2350330001236617
- Country: Denmark

Please notice that we receive monthly statements from the bank, - this means that it can take some time for us to be notified about your transfer.

3. Cash via mail
Mail 18 Euro (or 25 us$) to cluster.dk (Attention: NEW ADDRESS):
P.O. Box 77
DK-4840 Norre Alslev
Denmark Europe.
Remember to write your name and callsign...
Please use "recommend mail".

Please notice that we receive mail from the Box once a month, - this means that it can take some time for us to be notified about your transfer.

4. Check/Postal money order
Experiencies today shows that payment to cluster.dk with check/Postal Money order are extremely expensive for us.
The price to cash a check from outside Denmark is:
- For USA and EU: 15 us$/10 Euro
- For other contries: 43 us$/29 Euro

If you prefer to pay with check/Postal Money order, please use these amounts:
- for USA and EU: Please add 15 us$/10 Euro
Send in total 43 us$/29 Euro

- for non USA/non EU: Add 43 us$/29 Euro
Send in total 63 us$/43 Euro)
We apolygize for these high amounts (bank fees) and we recommend other payment methods.

Please notice that we receive mail from the Box once a month, - this means that it can take some time for us to be notified about your transfer.

Attention - important
cluster.dk Lounge is not a subscription service, its simple financial support to help us keep the site running.
Please consider money sent to us as a gift to the site.

Financial support/contribution sent to cluster.dk will not be returned.
Also notice that support always ends 31/12 in the year the support is sent.

Allways feel free to contact administrator for information.

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