Here are the rules for the whole system. Please read all the rules carefully.
For usage of the MessageBoard, please read both Rules and "Specific Rules for MessageBoard".

Please also read Intentions. The Intentions explain all about each Rules.

0. Your profile
Your profile is personal - you are responsible for your profile.
Your password is personal, therefore do not give or tell the password to anyone.
We strongly recommend:
- use a password mixed by letters and numbers
- change your password on a regular basis
- never use a password that is used anywhere else
- immediately change password if anyone might know your password (or parts of it).
Only you are responsible for the profile and password.

Use of other persons profiles, for whatever reason that could be, is not accepted.

1. Behaviour
Please behave at as this cluster was YOUR cluster - and use this cluster as all other users are using the cluster: With respect.
If you feel some are abusing the system, please contact Administrator immediately. Do not try to solve problems yourself.

It is never OK to break rules because other users do so. If you find other users breaking rules, please immediately contact Administrator. Thanks.

Please show respect to Translators, Supervisors, Admins and other people related to website. These people spend a lot of time and resources trying to support our community with the best possible website. Thanks.

2. Spots
A: It is totally prohibited to send test spots at We do not accept tests (inclusive test spots) at all.
If you believe that there are problems with system, please write a short e-mail to Administrator!
If you have to test your own e-mail address, you must use our Test Center. To find the Test Center: click on the Test Center-button on "Report new spot"-page.
Test spots sent as normal spots are not accepted!

B: Please only spot stations that are truly active at the time you make the spot. Do not make spots like "worked 30 minutes ago".

C: Please do not spot stations that you believe are "fake stations" (for instance transmitting from another DXCC than they claim to be in).

D: Please never spot yourself, neither your personal callsign nor your activation callsign.

E: Please do not use spots for "general info" (general info examples: "I am active now", "Bad propagation today", "When will xxx be active?" etc). Spots are only to tell friends about an stations active on air right now. For "general info": Use the Message Board.

F: "NIL"-spots are only for reporting stations active on air right now, that you cannot hear.

G: Always spot "the radio waves" when a repeater or a remote setup is involved. Always spot the radio transmission between the 2 antennas (never spot the operators physical location when he is connected to the repeater or radio station via a network (internet)).
3. Info related to other bands is for 11-meter band only...
We don't want any references to other bands, neither pirate bands nor HAM bands.

Therefore a reference to activity which is not going on at 26 MHz or 27 MHz is not OK.
This means that references to other bands whatever words used ("other floor", "one tier up" etc.) are not OK.

So to specify:
- For the Message Board:
The Message Board is for 11-meter only. Do not write about HAM-related activity, do especially not write about HAM-activations, and do never write about HAM-activations, if this team also is involved in 11-meter band.
Also, do not write about other pirate bands.

- For the spots section:
The spot-section is for 11-meter spots only. Do not try to report other frequencies than 26 MHz or 27 MHz, do not give comments about activity at other frequencies.

4. Respect
Please respect that this cluster is no weapon to run wars at all. I.e. between single individuals or DX-clubs. It is absolutely prohibited to use the cluster for abuse purposes. This cluster is a neutral cluster.
Abuse will cause abandoning from and related sites immediately. Therefore: be neutral.
Make only true spots and use only objective text in the comment field. In this way no one will feel harmed or hurt.

Please use easy-to-read and simple English, no changes of letters in words, no shortening of words, no slang nor dialects.

Please respect those offering time and ressources to, especially Supervisors.
Please always respect Supervisors recommendations and commands etc., thanks.

Do not write personal comments, jokes, questions, greetings etc. in the comment-field at ”Report new spot”-page. The comment-field is only for objective text regarding the spotted station. All text must be written in clear and understandable English language and must be 100% valid.
Do not make a spot at ”Report new spot”-page or a message at the MessageBoard if the intention is not clear for you - and will be 100% clear to all other users of
Do not use text at, that might hurt other users.

It is totally prohibited to use foul language, to swear (to use words like "fu**", "sh**" etc.) etc.
6. Validity
Only 100% valid information (i.e. e-mail addresses, spotted callsigns, frequencies etc) may be used in the system (e-mail address fields at “Change user info”-page, information at ”Report new spot”-page, at the MessageBoard etc.).
Please only report stations, that actually are _active right now_.

Your callsign must reflect your QTH (Operator "13AB108" must be in Germany. When there is a need for using from another DXCC please contact Admin).
7. Callsigns
All profiles at are personal profiles and must be represented by a personal callsign.

It is compulsory to use our defined standard for writing callsigns (QRZ) in the system. The defined system must be used for both own QRZ and reported QRZ.
The system is:
  • For own QRZ: DXCC-number+club+unitnumber. Example: 47AB101. Unitnumber must be above 0
  • For reporting spots: As above. Examples: 47AB101, 47AT/DX, 47SD/0, 47IR008/M, 17#mickeymouse See all examples of callsign to report at "report new spot"-page.
For unitnumbers heard between 1 and 999 - please use 3 digits numbers when sending spots. Examples: 47SD001, 47IR037, 47BW101.
For unitnumbers with 4 digits: 47TR1268.

For use of not personal callsigns (activity callsigns and club station callsigns) please contact Administrator. Thanks.
8. Information
It is not allowed to use information from in other clusters, mailing lists, Facebook, own homepage etc. without a written permission from
It is not allowed to show screen shots of website without a written accept from
It is not allowed to change format, colours etc. at Iframes (spot-windows and banners).

Do not subscribe to, if you plan to abuse information from
9. Spot comment field
The comment field must be filled with only objective information about the QSO and/or the spotted station.
Use the commentfield for relevant information for others to work the spotted station.
It is prohibited to
A: use other languages than English (only plain English language is accepted).
B: use the comment field to ask questions in any way (do never ask questions - use the MessageBoard)
C: report stations, that are not active right now (only active stations on air right now must be reported)
D: use words like "Bingo", "at last in log", "Finally", "Thanks Mr. X" (please only use objective and informative text, do not write personal comments!!)
E: send personal greetings (do not write "Thanks Mr. X, "Thanks for nice activation" etc.)
F: write the same signs/letter several times (do not write "!!!!!!!!", "Proggiiiiiiiiiiie", "5/9+++++++++++++" - instead write e.g. 5/9+40)
G: Write longer text than needed (keep text as short as possible - write all interesting information, but nothing more than that.)
10. Bouncing mail
Usages of fake, invalid or bouncing e-mail addresses - or invalid information in any way is not accepted, and the profile will be deleted immediately.
Usages of more than one profile pr. person is not accepted.
Abuse will cause expulsion from and related sites immediately, without warning and without explaining information.
11. PR - Public Relations
It is prohibited to use for reporting spots / use the MessageBoard only
A: for fun
B: to make PR for a specific radio station, club station, activity station etc.
C: to make PR for a specific club
D: to make PR for a specific internetsite or internet page
E: to make PR for a mailing list, website group etc.
All spots made must be made in order to share the information with all users, not with other intention.
In case you like to have general information at, please contact Administrator in order to arrange a banner or an add.

Blindpostings (general postings, addressed to all users) are not accepted.
12. Patience
Mail to will normally be answered within 2-3 days.
Before writing to please read FAQ, visit out Facebook group " - The Official and the Original..." and/or ask your question at MessageBoard.
13. Abuse
Provocations and Abuse will cause expulsion from and related sites immediately, without warning and without explaining information.
Abuse is also using automated refresh-functionality, taking out data/content from the site etc.

Technical abuse is seen as hacking and will be handled in same serious way.

14. Acceptance
In case you can not accept the terms of using, please disable your profile immediately.
15. Other Rules
A: You can have only one (1) profile at
B: Only clear written text with European characters set is allowed (no cw, no China-letters etc.)
C: Only clear and simple English is allowed, please don't use slang/dialect, fancy words, shortening of words etc.
D: All users must make spots to the system.


Specific Rules for MessageBoard

16. English
All text must be written in an easy to understand, simple and clear English language. Messages in other languages (which includes dialect, slang, use of abbreviations, acronyms, signs etc) might not be understood by all or might provoke and is thereby not accepted.
17. Spots
All spots must be sent via the spot-section (the button "Report new spot".)
It is not acceptable to use the MessageBoard for spots (a spot is received by up to several thousand users - a message at the Messageboard is only read by the users reading messages online at the cluster).
As we have a very good cluster-section, this has to be used for questions.
18. General usage
A: All text must be positive, friendly and with respect.
B: Fights in any way is not allowed.
C: Patronized writing is not accepted.
D: Negative words and/or provocations in any way are not accepted.
E: Jokes and/or irony are not accepted.
F: Do not discuss other users, other radio stations, other groups or clubs, politics, sports etc. that easily can heat up a debate.
G: Do not discuss HAM-activities related to 11-meter - or 11-meter activities related to HAM-bands - at all (please also see rule 3).
H: It is totally prohibited to swear (to use words like "fu**", "sh**" etc.) does not want to hurt any users - we want to show respect to all users.
19. Discussions and irony
Discussion and irony might be understood by some users in a negative way, and is thereby not accepted.
20. Acceptance
Abuse will cause expulsion from and related sites immediately, without warning and without explaining information.
21. General usage is about 11m DX'ing, please let all postings be related to that.