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What is is a 11meter DX notification system.
If you are NOT an 11meter DX-er please do not try to create a profile, thanks.

At all users share information about interesting radio station "on air" - right now.

Notifications are made by all users via "Report new spot"-page.

You will see the notifications in the Spot Window at Main page.
Also, at the Main page you can type short messages to other users via our Message board. offers several other services:
- a spot archive, featuring ALL spots made since 1999 (accessed only by Lounge members)
- a database with information about all major activities, both "old", "ongoing" and "coming" activities
- a database with information about most known QSL-managers
- a user information database (PMI - Personal Members Information system)
- and lots of other nice features…

Spots - to send reports:
All users have to send spots, if no spots are made this system would be quite irrelevant.

Before you make your first spot, please read FAQ: (Paragraph 5: How do I make a spot?), thanks. Remember please: spots are made to share information with other users in order to give other users a chance to work another interesting station "on air"

Obviously spots should be made as soon as possible.
Please never make tests (test spots).

Professionalism and Seriosity: is a serious system - a serious website.
Please never make jokes and please: use the system with respect to all other users, thanks.

Call back:
All new profiles are carefully validated in order to prevent fraud. We might ask for your telephone number, in order to contact you. If you wish not to speak with us, please do not create a profile, thanks.

This site is monitored not only by Admin, but also by the Supervisor team.
In case you have questions about the system, you can always ask Admin via email or a Supervisor via the Message Board. You can recognize the Supervisors by their call sign colour, while they write at the Message Board.

Please accept Rules - please adhere to Rules. Thanks.

Important information: administrator can deactivate, disable and delete profiles without warning, if users are abusing the system.

For questions, please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) before asking the administrator. All mail to the administrator must be in the English language.

Your information at will never be sold, given to other users nor handed to a third party. Your information at is safe!

All IP-addresses are registered and logged at every login and every action you make. If abuse takes place, this information will be given to ISPs and the police.

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In case you already have a profile, maybe made long time ago, please click "YES" and log in to in the normal way. If you have problems logging in, please contact Admin via email:

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